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Specializes in digital productivity and tech organizing – making sure you have the right tech and know how to use it. We focus on finding ways you can use tech to your advantage; helping your business to grow and prosper. Our goal is to help you get out from under your business and enjoy your life rather than worrying about a computer crash, missed opportunities, and leaving money on the table. Let's get started!

Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless. – Thomas Edison

What people are saying

  • April was a great find and help just when I needed it! I was going crazy with the details of starting my own business. [April] listened to my immediate and long term needs for my business and jumped right in to help me regain my sanity. April was calm when I needed it and excited and energized when I was down. It was a great help to have someone detail oriented to work with me.

    Kim D.
  • April helped me organize my Etsy business so I could be more efficient with creating my belly band wraps and sending them to my customers. We developed a process I could follow each time - from cutting the fabric all the way to mailing the finished product - which meant I could get more wraps out and increase my sales. She also helped me organize my online shop to make it easier for my customers to find what they need. I saw her again this spring to update my online shop setup and it is helping my business grow. Thanks April!

    Amber P.
  • I learned so much about what is necessary to keep in my paper files and on my computer from this business. I was probably like so many people who thought everything was necessary to have "just in case". Cloud storage, backup on external hard drives, and disc storage have become my new best friends, and the shredder crashed after so much organizing! Thank you for all your efforts.

    Nancy M.
  • If you need help organizing your computer files, bookmarks, or email, April is your go-to solutions expert! Professional, ethical, trustworthy and knowledgeable, she made the experience easy and fun. I highly recommend her for your IT organizing needs!

    Natasha R.

From the ilios Blog

12 May 2017

Inbox Hero with Inbox Zero

Be an Inbox Hero with Inbox Zero!

Check out any article on email management and you’ll see the phrase ‘Inbox Zero’. Although it’s a been a concept for many years, the current definition explains that having zero emails in your inbox is a sign of success. But did you know that wasn’t the original intent? Merlin Mann, the guy behind Inbox Zero, didn’t see the zero as a reference to the number of messages in an inbox, but “the amount of time an employee’s brain is in his inbox”.

So how do you go about spending less time in your inbox? Especially when your unread messages are climbing past triple digits. 

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25 April 2017

How Chrome Extensions Can Save You Time & Money!

Browser Extensions:

More fun, more function!

You might have heard someone raving about a Chrome or Firefox extension and wondered, what’s that all about?

Browser Extensions are small software programs that can modify and improve the functionality of your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome). They can improve productivity, save you money, block advertisements, and even provide a little fun when you log into the web.

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28 March 2017

3 Productivity Apps to Help You Thrive

Recently, I was lucky enough to be offered a guest post opportunity from the fabulous Sara Clark-Williams of Fab Fempreneurs.  So what did I talk about? Productivity and tech, of course. Read on!

Solopreneurs wear many hats today – marketer, networker, chief finance officer, developer, director, and more. We have to learn the technology necessary to do our jobs and sort through five million apps to find the best one for our business. It’s stressful to even try to keep up.

So, what’s the absolute minimum software that you need to keep yourself focused and your business thriving? Productivity apps for content management, task management, and email management are where to start.

Want more details? Check out Sara’s blog!