9 July 2020

My Favorite Organizing Books

Not everyone is born knowing how to organize. Just like so many things, it’s a skill you develop. So where do you start when you’re ready to declutter and get organized? Here are three of my favorite books on organizing:

Julie MorgensternOrganizing from the Inside Out

It’s a classic for a reason, and many consider it to be fundamental to the organizing world. Julie takes you from step one to finished project.

Barbara HemphillOrganizing Paper @ Home

Even as we move to a more digital world, we will probably never be paperless. In this book, Barbara tackles the goal of paper – less and how to organize both papers and memorabilia like photos and family records. 

David AllenGetting Things Done

David explains the GTD method, which is a great way to organizing your information. However, I do recommend people Google GTD and look at some of the basic diagrams and graphics to get an idea before you tackle the book because it is a dense read if you are coming at it cold.

How about you? Do you have a favorite book on organizing that you’ve bookmarked or underlined? Let me know!

Not into the DIY? There’s an organizer for that! Schedule a call with me to learn more. Or check out napo.net

4 July 2020

App Review – RescueTime

Purpose: RescueTime software automatically tracks your digital activity to provide a clear picture of how you are spending your time. RescueTime works in the background to track what you do and where you go – websites, software, apps, etc. – with the goal of taking you from overwhelmed to focused and productive. 

Benefits: One of the greatest benefits of RescueTime is that it can track online activity as well as desktop activity – time spent on apps such as Word or Photoshop. This means you get a detailed report on where your time goes. In RescueTime you can adjust the settings to indicate certain sites/software as productive while other sites are non-productive. This means that I can mark LinkedIn as productive rather than it being categorized as just another social media site.  

Cost: $0, $9/mo

Opinion: RescueTime is good for keeping me aware of how much time I am spending on non-work activities. Which is usually more than I need to. But it is also helpful to see what I actually accomplished during the week. Sometimes it can feel like I got nothing done, and RescueTime shows me that it isn’t exactly true. I love that it tracks desktop as well as mobile activity. We spend so much time on our mobile devices – both doing work and goofing off – that it’s vital we track the activity to get a clear picture of our day. Another cool RescueTime feature is the ability to block a site or activity for a certain amount of ‘focus time’ to make sure you don’t get distracted.

Need help getting organized?

25 June 2020

Time for a clean sweep!

It’s time for a clean sweep! (anyone else remember that show on TLC?)

Grab your phone, set aside ten minutes, and go through your apps. Find those keeper apps, the ones you can’t live without, then start eliminating the ‘maybe’ apps or the ‘why did I download this in the first place?’ apps. You’d be surprised at how many of those are cluttering up your phone!

Create new folders if necessary to corral your apps. Once you’ve done your clean sweep, take just one more moment to clean off your phone and case.

Now you’re clean, organized, and ready to go!

11 June 2020

Download and delete

Have you checked your downloads folder lately?

This is where your computer usually saves items downloaded from the Internet such as installs for programs, images, documents, etc. Anything you click on to download usually ends up here.

A regular cleaning of this folder will help free up space on your computer, but it will also make it easier to find new things you download – saving you time!

Is there junk in your folder that can go away?

22 May 2020

My ‘Can’t Live Without It’ Software List

It’s a digital world out there. To survive and thrive, we need to utilize software. Today, I want to take you behind the scenes of my business to show you the software I rely on every day.

Evernote – my second brain. Everything I need to know about anything, and what I think about it, lives here.

Dropbox – all my documents live in Dropbox – both personal and professional. The best part of Dropbox is I can access my documents regardless of what device I am on.

Insightly – my CRM. This is where I keep all my client information so I know who to contact when.

Chrome – usually my first choice for a browser. When it’s not, then I turn to Firefox.

GSuite – essential for email, calendar, and contact management. I recommend this to anyone who wants a professional email with the ease of a Google interface.

QuickBooks Online – this is where I manage my business finances.

MailChimp – my email marketing software, what I use to send my newsletters and mailings. 

All of this software is web based, although Evernote and Dropbox also live on my computer. I have a paid account for everything on the list except for MailChimp – their free version is robust enough for my current needs. 

How about you? What software is on your ‘can’t live without’ list? Let me know! I’m always looking for new software solutions to explore!

13 May 2020

Paper Vs. Digital – Which is easier to organize?

Paper documents and digital documents. You’ll find organizers who specialize in one or the other, but is organizing paper really that different from organizing digital files? When it comes down to it, many of the same principles apply to both formats. After all, you are organizing information, regardless of the form it is in. So what is the same? 

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