9 March 2022

Decreasing the noise of daily life

It can be hard to think about minimalism in the noise and rush of our busy lives. There’s always something else to do, listen to, or respond to. Our phones go off at all hours of the day, demanding our attention.  I give my husband a hard time because he has email notifications on and I’ll be just about ready to fall asleep when ‘bing’, a new email from Amazon or Ebay or someone like that.

Part of our journey towards digital minimalism involves downsizing and streamlining. App notifications – both phone and computer – are an easy place to make those changes.

Now, there are some notifications we definitely need – text messages are usually on that list, especially for parents. But there are a lot of notifications we can remove from our daily schedule. Do you really need to be pinged when an email comes in or are you checking email on your own schedule? How about this week’s cookie notification from Crumbl? Or an alert when the litter box is full?

(That last one  is a definite yes for me!)

Digital minimalism looks different for each of us. When minimizing notifications, it’s up to each of us to stop and think about why we need to be notified, what purpose the notification is serving, and what we do because of the notification. (How we respond is key to finding our distraction points during the day) Then we can make deliberate decisions about what stays and what goes.

How is your journey into digital minimalism going? Any surprises? Anything I can do to support you?

15 June 2021

Don’t Forget the Milk

Let’s say you’re at the grocery store picking up fruit for tomorrow’s breakfast when you suddenly remember you’ve got to make a dentist appointment for your youngest.

What do you do next?

Do you write the reminder down on your grocery list, hoping you don’t throw it away when you get home? Do you pull up your to-do list app and enter it there? Or do you tuck the thought away in the ‘don’t forget’ corner of your mind and expect to remember it when you’re at home planning out the rest of your week?

Best answer? The to-do list app. It allows you to get the reminder out of your brain and into a trusted system. And the great news is…the app is almost always with you if it is on your phone! This means that no matter when you have a thought, your to-do list app can capture it. Less to worry about when you’re trying to get things done.

Need guidance in setting up your to-do list? Schedule a Discovery Call and we’ll get started!

23 April 2020

Check and go!

Trying to Get Things Done but don’t know where to start? Check over your to-do list for those 2-minute tasks. If you can get it done in two minutes or less, do it now! Then check it off and move on to the next task.

11 December 2018

Keeping in touch when you’re away

All the mental health articles tell us to, but do you ever manage to leave your email behind? I’ll admit that it’s the first thing I check when I get up in the morning, and I usually check it again right before I get ready for bed. Not because there is usually anything urgent, but it’s more of a habit than anything else. There are some days, though, where we do want to leave email behind. Vacation time, baby leave, even sick days are times when you might not be in your inbox regularly. I know that as entrepreneurs, ignoring email isn’t really an option. However, there are things you can do to manage expectations for those who are trying to get in touch with you when you’d rather be out of touch.

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28 March 2017

3 Productivity Apps to Help You Thrive

Recently, I was lucky enough to be offered a guest post opportunity from the fabulous Sara Clark-Williams of Fab Fempreneurs.  So what did I talk about? Productivity and tech, of course. Read on!

Solopreneurs wear many hats today – marketer, networker, chief finance officer, developer, director, and more. We have to learn the technology necessary to do our jobs and sort through five million apps to find the best one for our business. It’s stressful to even try to keep up.

So, what’s the absolute minimum software that you need to keep yourself focused and your business thriving? Productivity apps for content management, task management, and email management are where to start.

Want more details? Check out Sara’s blog!