10 March 2021

App Review – Sortd

Purpose:  Sortd is a Google skin that you ‘lay over’ your existing Gmail or Google Workspace email. Instead of seeing your email in the traditional fashion, Sortd allows you to set up various columns to turn your emails into To Do’s. This option is only available with the Chrome browser. With Sortd, you can drag emails into custom lists for better organization.   The software offers a more visual way of sorting and grouping your emails at a glance.

Benefits: If you prefer to keep your action items in your inbox, this is a great way to sort and manage them. With drag and drop options, you can push that most important email to the top of the list instead of just sorting by date or sender.

Cost: Free, $6, $8, $16

Opinion: As someone who manages their tasks in folders, and their tasks elsewhere, Sortd isn’t really for me. I do like how you can change your view from Kanban board to table to a date assigned list. This allows you to customize to a view that works for you.

You can manually enter other tasks into Sortd, allowing it to be one place to manage your to-dos. However, there is no real way to enter tasks on the fly – you need to be at your email in order to do so – which makes it not as great as other, dedicated, task management apps.

Overall, Sortd is a nice alternative for viewing your action emails within Gmail. If you choose to use it, I’d strongly encourage you to watch the tutorial videos – they’ve got some great information and tips.

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4 July 2020

App Review – RescueTime

Purpose: RescueTime software automatically tracks your digital activity to provide a clear picture of how you are spending your time. RescueTime works in the background to track what you do and where you go – websites, software, apps, etc. – with the goal of taking you from overwhelmed to focused and productive. 

Benefits: One of the greatest benefits of RescueTime is that it can track online activity as well as desktop activity – time spent on apps such as Word or Photoshop. This means you get a detailed report on where your time goes. In RescueTime you can adjust the settings to indicate certain sites/software as productive while other sites are non-productive. This means that I can mark LinkedIn as productive rather than it being categorized as just another social media site.  

Cost: $0, $9/mo

Opinion: RescueTime is good for keeping me aware of how much time I am spending on non-work activities. Which is usually more than I need to. But it is also helpful to see what I actually accomplished during the week. Sometimes it can feel like I got nothing done, and RescueTime shows me that it isn’t exactly true. I love that it tracks desktop as well as mobile activity. We spend so much time on our mobile devices – both doing work and goofing off – that it’s vital we track the activity to get a clear picture of our day. Another cool RescueTime feature is the ability to block a site or activity for a certain amount of ‘focus time’ to make sure you don’t get distracted.

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