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Optimizing your digital workflow for today and tomorrow.

Restore Your Digital Workflow

Tech Time Sessions

If you've got tech, you've got issues. Issues you need to solve before they disrupt your workflow.
Maybe you need to brainstorm a digital solution with a trained professional.
Or maybe you need some help troubleshooting a specific tech problem (before you toss your computer out the window?!)

Sign up for a customized 30-minute Tech Time Session and together we will restore the flow to your workflow.
30 minutes, $35 - Sessions held at Hera Hub San Diego locations.

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Optimize Your Digital Productivity

Digital Productivity Boot Camp

Have you been wanting to learn more about specific programs, like MailChimp, Insightly, or Zapier? What about Evernote?
As a business owner, we’re constantly needing to learn new programs and processes, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start.

Enter our Personal Productivity Boot Camp!
This is a series of individual training sessions focused on teaching you a specific software or set of skills…in an easy, comfortable and effective way. We specialize in creating laser focused training sessions, so you can save both time and money.

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Digital Integration Sessions

Today's small business owner is juggling multiple digital devices, more software programs than you can count on both hands, and an increasing need to operate anywhere. To reach our full potential, we need our digital life integrated. We need software that talks to each other, apps that are mobile friendly, and an understanding of how everything works together.

Our Digital Integration Sessions are focused on improving your productivity, one project at a time.
Together we will figure out the right types of automation to use, fine tune your process to focus on each software's strengths, and make sure you can operate your business anywhere there is an Internet connection!

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DeClutter Your Digital Life

Digital Organizing - Find files fast, and keep them found!

Are you in digital chaos?
Are you spending precious minutes searching for files on your computer, sifting through documents, and clearing your digital desktop only to have it cluttered again two days later?

Fear no more. Digital clutter is very common and if you’re ready to leave the land of disorganization, you’re in the right place.
With our Organize & Optimize digital organizing program, we’ll support you in organizing your files, folders, and photos; clearing the clutter once and for all!

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