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Are you in information overload?

Are you spending precious minutes searching for files on your computer, sifting through documents, and clearing your digital desktop only to have it cluttered again two days later?
Do you feel like you'll never remember all the things you have to do?
Are you missing follow up opportunities because you lose track of the email?

Stress no more!

With our Organize & Optimize sessions, Ilios Digital is ready to help organize your information so you can access it, manage it, and share it. We utilize tech devices, software, and services so you can streamline your workflow, making you more efficient and productive.

We work with

Files & Folders Contacts Workflow
Calendars Ideas Email
Task lists Photos and more!

Why waste time searching for information, when instead you could be working with clients and growing your business?

Get organized now!
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Jump Start Package Digital File Organizing

You've got a mess of files, and you could get them organized if you just had some help getting started.
The Digital File Organizing Jump Start is for you!

We start with a Work Session to review your current file system and start organizing.
Then, I create a File Structure Action Plan so you can continue organizing on your own.
Later, we have a 30 minute follow up call to check up on your progress.

Digital File Organizing Jump Start Package is $199

Digital Organizing Work Session Packages

If you're ready to work together on organizing your email, time, tasks, and more, then let's schedule a work session, or several of them!
Each work session is approximately 2 hours long and includes email follow up.

1 Work Session = $159
2 Work Sessions = $309
4 Work Sessions = $599

Let's get started organizing today!