14 March 2019

To Boldly Go

Woman achieving goal, success

I had an ulterior motive for starting my business.

Ilios Digital Organizing was first conceived because organizing is my passion. I organized toy rooms when I babysat, the books when I worked at the bookstore, and even the gift cards when I wait in line at Target.

I’ve been blessed to be able to start a business doing what I love. There’s just something satisfying about helping someone put their digital world in order so they can live an easier, more productive life.

But I have a hidden agenda.

A secret reason why I do what I do.

I love to see people’s confidence around tech increase.

Tech can be scary. You know how it feels. Something isn’t working with your tech and maybe there is a solution but you can’t find it online. Or you do find a solution but aren’t really sure you should be pushing those buttons.

What if you mess something up? What if you break something you can’t fix?

What if you crash your computer?

Yeah, that feeling.

My clients feel that anxiety too, and it’s part of my job to help ease it. It’s why I’m not afraid to search Google in front of them. Or try something different to solve a new problem. Or admit that no, I’ve never seen that before but, hey, let’s try to figure out an answer.

I make my clients ‘drive’ the mouse when we’re working on their computers. Not because I’m lazy, but because I want them to experience how to troubleshoot while still having a safety net. It builds their belief that yes, they can do this.

Nobody voluntarily says ‘Hey, April, I feel more confident around tech now, thanks.’ but when I mentioned my hidden agenda to a former client she paused, thought for a moment, then nodded and said, ‘you know, I do feel more confident when I’m working with my computer than I used to.’

And that feeling is one of the reasons I do what I do.

But how about you?

How confident do you feel when it comes to managing your tech?

Would you like to be more self-assured when you’re working on your computer? More courageous when it comes time to troubleshoot? Give me a call and let’s talk about how to make that feeling happen.

28 February 2019

A computer crash doesn’t have to mean losing it all

Mimzy on the hunt for her next lizard

I’m scared of lizards. Those little gecko type lizards that bake in the sun doing their little lizard push ups. It’s not that I think they’re evil, it’s just that they move so fast. One minute they’re across the room, the next minute they’re climbing over your foot.


And to make matters worse, my youngest cat loves bringing them in from outside. She’ll strut in with one hanging out of her mouth, trying to track me down so she can show off her prize. Somehow she’s always surprised when mommy shrieks and shoves her back outside.

Because lizards scare me.

That fear is there with computers too. You know those moments. Those times when your computer hiccups and you have this complete panic because your entire life is on that computer and what if it crashes? What if it locks up and won’t let you back in?

No more pictures of your cats, no more business forms, and goodbye to all those pre-written blog posts.

*shivers* Just the thought gives me the heebie jeebies.

You don’t have to live with that anxiety, though. Let’s get together and talk about how to squash the fear of losing your documents in a computer crash or unfortunate accident.

21 February 2019

App Review – Jing Screenshot

Purpose: Screenshot and annotation tool

Benefits: Jing can be used with any program on the computer, not just the internet. This means you can screencap anything you are working on. I’ve used it in Quickbooks, Word, PDFs and more.

Cost:  Free

Opinion: I always have Jing up and running, and use it almost every day to clip images – mostly from the web, but occasionally other screen captures I need for a presentation or reference. This is an invaluable tool for me and one I highly recommend to have in your tool kit.  Download your copy at Techsmith!

Interested in how you can use Jing – and other tools like it – to increase your productivity and get you more time out of the office? Contact me and let’s talk!

18 January 2019

Sync Up!

Are You In Sync?

When you move from one computer to another, do your bookmarks and settings follow you? Can you be reading an article in your office, then switch to your phone to finish the article as you wait in line at the store? If no, then what are you waiting for? 

Chrome and Firefox both offer a version of account sync. You create an account, set up your browser to your preference – certain extensions, zoom level, home page, etc. – then when you log into another digital device and open the browser you will see the exact same setup. I have sync set up for Chrome, which is my primary browser, and Firefox which is my secondary browser. 

Productivity wise, sync has been awesome because no matter what computer or device I am on, I have access to my bookmarks and recent tabs. I currently operate on three different computers and two mobile devices, so sync makes it mostly seamless. There have been a few hiccups trying to access recent tabs from another device (pulling up a web page I saw on my desktop when I am using my laptop), but overall its been great. 

For more info about sync, check out the following articles about sync:

Chrome Sync

Firefox Sync

12 September 2017

Success is slow

If at first you don’t succeed…

As adults, we’ve forgotten what we knew as kids – nobody is an expert the first time. We try a new task and expect to be good right away. When we’re not, we believe its because we can’t learn new things. I recently picked up a new crafting hobby and my first attempt didn’t 100% match the example. Undeterred, I tried again with similar results. Its a struggle because I know I’m getting better, but I want to be awesome today.

boy pouting

Learning new tech works the same way. I met someone recently who opened up MailChimp for the first time, scanned through the pages and options, then decided it wasn’t intuitive enough for her to figure out. Do you have the same reaction? When you are struggling with learning a new program do you seek out video tutorials, blogs, or the FAQ section? Or do you bang your head against the keyboard, hoping the information will work into your brain via osmosis?

These days we have access to more information than we know what to do with. Any problem you have, chances are that somebody else has had the same issue. But where do you go to find the answers?

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30 August 2017

Sleep tight with your digital device

Is your phone keeping you awake?

 We’ve heard the reports that using our mobile devices before bedtime is a sure way to disrupt our sleep. Digital devices are emitting greater amounts of blue LED light these days in comparison to other light sources in our house.  Recent studies show that blue light suppresses melatonin (the hormone the brain produces at night to induce sleepiness) more effectively than any other visible wavelength, potentially leaving people more alert when they would otherwise start feeling drowsy.
During the day, a little extra blue light from our computer doesn’t make a difference when we’re already getting so much from the environment. But all that changes at night. How many of us check our email, play a game, or look at Facebook before we turn off the bedside lamp? I know I”m guilty of it almost every night.
So if blue light before bed is bad for us, what are we supposed to do?
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