13 April 2022

Decluttering vs Minimalism

16 November 2021

Habits and the power of repetition

We all have habits. Good ones and bad ones. As we come up to the new year you’ll see people trying to start new habits. Maybe an exercise program, maybe a reading routine, maybe a commitment to post to social media once a week. I read somewhere that setting a new habit takes 21 days. This could be true, or it could just be that the longer you do something, the more likely you are to keep doing it.

November is a big month for habits for me. I’m a writer – and mostly write for myself – which can be hard when it comes to consistency. Some days, weeks, I just don’t feel like writing. Sometimes I’m not inspired, sometimes I’m too tired, there are a lot of excuses for those days I don’t get any words down. Without a publisher or deadline for my work, it’s up to me to stay motivated.

This is why November is an important month for me. In November there is an online project called National Novel Writing Month  (NaNoWriMo).  The primary goal of NaNoWriMo is to write 50,000 words in the month of November.

I’ve accomplished that goal several years, but this year I am using November as my month to reset the habit of writing, which I’ve fallen out of. My goal for NaNoWriMo this year is to write new content every day.  No excuses, just repetition to rebuild the habit of writing.

Staying organized is a habit too. Sure, there is the original goal to meet, whether that is organizing your pantry or closet or computer, but there is also the daily upkeep of an organized space.  The reminder to put your keys on the drop zone every night. The routine of picking up your clothes before you go to bed. The habit of deleting unwanted emails after reading.

And it isn’t easy to establish these new habits.  It takes time and practice. Sometimes more than those 21 days. There can be a lot of reasons why you don’t stick with your goal. Maybe you don’t feel like it that day. Maybe you’re too tired. Maybe lots of things get in the way.

But you can do it!

Build your habit on your own or with a support system to help you through the rough patches.  Just because you miss a day or forget about your new habit for a moment, don’t worry! You can pick right up where you left off.

Habits are all about consistency and repetition. There’s no time like the present to get started.

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1 September 2021

How to Clear Your Digital Desktop

A clean desk is a sign of a disturbed mind.

I saw that once on a coffee mug and laughed. Of course, it’s not true. It isn’t, right? : )

Regardless of whether you are working at home or in an office, we all have a desk of sorts. It might be the dining room table or a dedicated desk in your private office. When it’s clean, work is easier. You can find what you need quickly and the things that need your attention are front and center.  All things that can lead to increased productivity.

The same is true for your digital desktop. Clear away the unnecessary icons and save the documents to the documents folder instead of on the desktop.  Get rid of old downloads and program icons you no longer need. Doing so will provide you a clean slate when you sit down at your desk in the morning. 

And a clean, organized desk, is a sign of a productive mind.

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20 July 2021

You are the solution!

Sometimes the failure isn’t in the system, but in us not using it. Creating new habits takes time and stick-to-it-ness.

I know you can do it!

But if you need help setting up your task management system – Let me know!

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6 July 2021

App Review – Microsoft To Do

Purpose: Microsoft To Do is a to do list and task management app. It’s valuable in that it gives you one place to track all your responsibilities.  An organized to do list keeps things manageable and you focused on what’s important. All that leads to greater peace of mind.

Benefits: If you are part of the Microsoft world and use Outlook, To Do integrates nicely with Outlook tasks. Microsoft To Do uses intelligent analysis to set up a ‘My Day’ list for you based on due dates or similar parameters. You can also create shared lists – such as a grocery list – with others who are using the To Do app. Like most apps these days, Microsoft To Do is cross-platform – working on both Android and iOS devices as well as on the web.

Cost: Free, also comes included as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription

Opinion: Microsoft To Do is a simple task management app. The interface is streamlined, and it is easy to move tasks between lists and add expiration dates. I do like that they have the My Day feature, which automatically adds tasks with today’s due date to the list. On the con side, Microsoft does not have a lot of the bells and whistles that you see with other, often paid, task management apps. However, it is a free app and is a good option for an uncomplicated to do list.

And don’t forget – the best to do app is the one that is handy and one that you actually use. Need help finding that special app or tweaking the to do app you’ve got? Let me know!

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15 June 2021

Don’t Forget the Milk

Let’s say you’re at the grocery store picking up fruit for tomorrow’s breakfast when you suddenly remember you’ve got to make a dentist appointment for your youngest.

What do you do next?

Do you write the reminder down on your grocery list, hoping you don’t throw it away when you get home? Do you pull up your to-do list app and enter it there? Or do you tuck the thought away in the ‘don’t forget’ corner of your mind and expect to remember it when you’re at home planning out the rest of your week?

Best answer? The to-do list app. It allows you to get the reminder out of your brain and into a trusted system. And the great news is…the app is almost always with you if it is on your phone! This means that no matter when you have a thought, your to-do list app can capture it. Less to worry about when you’re trying to get things done.

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