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Personal Productivity Boot Camp

Personal Productivity Workshops

Are you building a great mailing list, but haven't created anything to send them?
Did you sign up for MailChimp, but haven't gotten any further than entering a few emails?
Now is the time to get started!

MailChimp is 2 Sessions @ 2 hrs each
Session 1: Setting up MailChimp, building a list, and creating sign-up forms.
Session 2: Creating a template and preparing to send.

Come with a list, leave with a newsletter ready to send!
1 person $280, bring a friend $250 each

Is your Inbox bursting with unread emails?
Have you lost emails you needed to respond to?
Don't let your inbox stop you from getting ahead - get organized today!

The Inbox Hero is 1 session @ 2 hours
Session 1: Creating ART folders, establishing filters, and confirming mobile sync.

Come with too many emails, leave with an inbox set up for success!
1 person $140, bring a friend $125 each

Are you spending too much time on the admin tasks of your business?
Would you like more time for revenue generating activities?
Discover how adding automation to your workflow can help you work smarter instead of harder.

Work Less & Make More is 1 session @ 2 hrs
Session 1: Outline current workflow, review software being utilized, and creation and testing of zaps.

Come with a long list of admin tasks, leave with more time for yourself and your business.
1 person $140, bring a friend $125 each

Bring Your Own Device Workshops (BYOD)

Have you misplaced the number of that strategic partner you wanted to have coffee with?
What if you lost your phone - and all the business contacts in it?
Do you have years worth of networking contacts scattered between your computer, phone, tablet, and paper?

Join us to learn how to manage your contacts regardless of the device you use.
Learning Level: Intro

Are you social media posts lacking that special something?
Do people bypass your blog posts because all you have are words?
Did you know that the average person gets distracted in 8 seconds and 81% of people only skim the content they read online?

Join us to learn what makes a good social media image, how to find the images you want, and which images make the greatest impact.
Learning Level: Intro

Are you busy with admin instead of revenue generation?
Does adding a new client mean data entry in multiple programs?
Would you rather doing anything other than track your time?

Join us to learn how apps like Zapier, Gmail, and more can automate your processes to save you time and money!
Learning Level: Intro