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"The expert in anything was once a beginner."

Meet April Merritt, MLIS

I was born an organizer. As a kid, when I was put in time-out, I’d pull everything off my shelves just so I could rearrange it…because it made me feel better! Half the fun of babysitting was getting a chance to organize the playroom once the kids had gone to sleep. As a bookseller, my favorite part of the day was re-shelving the books. And as an adult, I went back to school for my Master’s in Library and Information Science, specializing in information organization, analysis, description, and retrieval.

I believe that less stuff is good. Less physical clutter can lead to less mental clutter – a philosophy I embrace wholeheartedly in my life. I like a clean desktop with the bare minimum of icons, grouping programs by function, and fine tuning my process and systems on a regular basis.

But…your approach may be different. Maybe you like to use your desktop as an inbox. No big deal. Do you prefer to use Search to find your email rather than look through folders? We can work with that. Are you struggling to find the time to research new apps or software? Let me have fun taking care of that for you.

In other words, you don’t have to spend all day on admin work in order to get things done!

Ilios Digital Organizing is about finding the right combination of programs, devices, and systems to allow you to work more efficiently, save time, and grow your business while still living your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Ilios Digital Organizing does our best to provide an accurate estimate of time and costs involved. No two situations are the same, so our estimate takes into consideration your goals, resources, and our experience with similar projects.

Our goal is to make the best use of the time available. Costs vary depending on your project needs and the program you choose. Please check the Ilios Services pages for more details.

Absolutely. As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, Ilios Digital Organizing adheres to a strict Code of Ethics which includes confidentiality of client information, both business and personal.

I have been an active member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, as well as the NAPO-San Diego chapter, serving in both leadership and technology positions. My Masters in Library and Information Science degree was focused on information organization, analysis, retrieval, and management. I am a current member of the American Library Association and the Library and Information Technology Association. I've been an organizer since I was a girl, and am thrilled to finally be doing what I love for a living.

The best app or software for you might be the one you are already using! While I certainly have my favorites, I only make recommendations for products and services with my client’s best interests in mind. What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa. It’s always about finding the best fit for your situation.

Consider how much disorganization and tech troubles are costing you in both time and money. Wouldn’t it be a better choice to put that money and energy into growing your business?

Yes! I work throughout the country using remote desktop software and other virtual tools.

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