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Many work systems and processes are developed as needed and become the standard model for getting things done. It can be difficult to make a change in a work process because it requires analyzing cost, time, and output.


After analysis, streamlining a work flow process can be accomplished through improved resource management, new technology or software, or even by omitting processes and tools that are affecting work flow efficiency.


Once we break the work procedures down into steps to streamline the process we can automate the system using technology to help you work fast and efficiently. We want to help you increase productivity and revenue, and give you more time to do the things you want.

Digital Workflow Process

  • First Step: Contact Us
  • Second Step: Detail Issue or Need
  • Third Step: Determine Best Process
  • Fourth Step: Create System

Digital Workflow

At ilios, we want to help you address three main areas of your business: Do you have a flowchart style process? Could someone step in and pick up your business with minimal service interruption? Are you reinventing the wheel every time you get a new client?

Growth for many businesses can mean taking two steps back to take one step forward but it doesn't have to. We help businesses create successful workflow processes by defining goals and milestones, developing procedures, and calculate/explore/purpose scalability. Regardless of the business, standardizing procedures can expedite your work and help ensure that your business can run with or without you.

What people are saying

  • April helped me organize my Etsy business so I could be more efficient with creating my belly band wraps and sending them to my customers. We developed a process I could follow each time - from cutting the fabric all the way to mailing the finished product - which meant I could get more wraps out and increase my sales. She also helped me organize my online shop to make it easier for my customers to find what they need. I saw her again this spring to update my online shop setup and it is helping my business grow. Thanks April!

    Amber P.
  • I was going crazy with the details of starting my own business. [April] listened to my immediate and long term needs for my business and jumped right in to help me regain my sanity. April was calm when I needed it and excited and energized when I was down. It was a great help to have someone detail oriented to work with me.

    Kim D.
Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results. - Unknown