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Got Tech Problems?

Are you having trouble with your tablet, computer, or mobile device? Are you looking for answers about how to get the most out of your digital devices, software, and mobile applications? Do you want to learn how to fix the problem, or would you prefer to have someone fix it for you?

Identifying the Tech Issue

Often issues with digital devices and software are a result of how we are trying to use our technology, how we organize our data, and how we protect and update our computing tools. We can help you quickly identify what the issue is and work with you to fix it.

Tech Support That Fits You

We help you find the problem, then we can either make the fix for you, show you how to fix it yourself, or recommend a tech support specialist for more advanced work. With patience being key, we will explain it in terms that are easy to understand. Our goal is to make you more confident about and comfortable with tech. Tech isn't as intuitive as they claim it is, we can help you learn to read the signs and translate the messages.

Tech Questions

How do I get my email to sync to my phone again?
How do I back up my files from all my devices and which software should I use?
How do I access my files from anywhere?
I am scared to update to Windows 10, do I really need to do it?
My computer is slow and periodically shuts down, do I have too many files or a virus?
What is malware?

Tech Support Process

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Tech Support & Tech Coaching

At Ilios Digital , we understand that technology can be frustrating. Tech troubles can cause significant complications personally and financially, turning into larger problems if left unchecked. That's why we offer our help virtually and onsite.

We believe that tech does not need to be intimidating, and you should not need a degree to use your technology. You can learn basic troubleshooting techniques, and the steps that will save you time and frustration if you have to call in the tech support experts.

Whether you require a quick fix, have a complicated issue, or want long-term support, we can help you meet your immediate needs and provide coaching for long term personal and business tech goals.

What people are saying

  • If you need help organizing your computer files, bookmarks, or email, April is your go-to solutions expert! Professional, ethical, trustworthy and knowledgeable, she made the experience easy and fun. I highly recommend her for your IT organizing needs!

    Natasha R.
  • April was a great find and help just when I needed it! I was going crazy with the details of starting my own business. [April] listened to my immediate and long term needs for my business and jumped right in to help me regain my sanity. April was calm when I needed it and excited and energized when I was down. It was a great help to have someone detail oriented to work with me.

    Kim D.
We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works. – Douglas Adams