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Software Training

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Changing Software

You have been using the same software programs for years with no complaints or issues, and now they have gone and ruined everything by making you update or upgrade to a whole new platform! Technology changes fast, but you don't have to struggle alone to change with. We can help you quickly learn the new features of your favorite software programs.

New Software

Is your current software not meeting your needs? Have you heard about a new app that might be the answer, but you'd like a second opinion? We love investigating new technology and, more importantly, figuring out what the best answer is for your challenge.

Learning Software

Is your current software meeting your needs, but you know it could do more? Are you trying to accomplish a specific project, but can't figure out how to do it with your favorite software? Knowing how to use your software is key, and we create training programs designed to help you take advantage of the tech you have.

Software Training Process

  • Advise: On Software Changes
  • Handle: Updates or Installation of Software
  • Individualize: The Right Software For You
  • Train: Onsite or Remotely

Software Training at Your Speed

At ilios Digital Organizing we adapt our software training programs and tools to reach you where you are at, taking into account your specific needs, knowledge level, learning style and software goals. We can take an one-on-one hands-on approach, or create a remote learning structure to fit your individual needs.

Software training methods vary depending on your goals, the structure of your business and/or personal needs, the software you are training on, what you need to learn, and individual learning styles.

Software training does not have to be complicated, strenuous, or time consuming. We devise training programs that do not overload you with information that is not needed, by focusing on how the software will be used by you and your organization today, and as you grow.

What people are saying

  • I learned so much about what is necessary to keep in my paper files and on my computer from this business. I was probably like so many people who thought everything was necessary to have "just in case". Cloud storage, backup on external hard drives, and disc storage have become my new best friends, and the shredder crashed after so much organizing! Thank you for all your efforts.

    Nancy M.
  • If you need help organizing your computer files, bookmarks, or email, April is your go-to solutions expert! Professional, ethical, trustworthy and knowledgeable, she made the experience easy and fun. I highly recommend her for your IT organizing needs!

    Natasha R.
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