Ilios Digital Productivity Program

The Ilios Digital Productivity Program will help you streamline your business, improve your productivity, and increase your revenue. Upon completion of the program, you may see up to 40% more available time for revenue producing activities - time created by efficiency and subsequent outsourcing.
Tame Your Tech
Find Your Flow
Organize & Optimize

The Ilios Digital Productivity Program is composed of three components –
Tame Your Tech, Find Your Flow, and Organize and Optimize.

*Your Initial Assessment will help us determine where to start to achieve peak productivity.
*Investment will vary depending on number of components completed, and number of steps per component.
*Hourly rates also available if you prefer to work that way.

  • Component 1: Connect

Tame Your Technology

Technology is critical to the function of our businesses. Before we can fine tune our workflow, or optimize the structure of our business, we have to make sure our technology is connected and operating to our advantage.

This component focuses on protecting your information, syncing your emails and contacts, finding a space for all the information you can't lose, and providing you access to documents when you are away from the office. We may also install, customize, and train on business specific software.

  • Component 2: Align

Find Your Flow

Once your technology is optimized, we can turn our focus to your business workflow. Workflow includes processes, procedures, and standards that improve business efficiency. This improved efficiency helps you stay in contact with your client; contact which can prevent the sales cycle from breaking down.

This component focuses on establishing processes that keep your clients moving forward, and coming back, utilizing automation to free up more time for revenue producing activities, and developing systems that will make it easier to outsource your work.

  • Component 3: Order

Organize & Optimize

At this point in the Digital Productivity Program we have already done some organizing - your devices, your accounts, your processes. Now is the time to organize your digital folders, documents, emails, programs, and more. Instead of searching for a file, or taking the time to recreate a document, you'll be able to retrieve what you need, when you need it.

This component focuses on creating a file structure that supports you business as it is now, weeding out the items you no longer need, and organizing the important stuff.

billion saved using mobile technology

% of businesses improve efficiency by using tech

times quicker finding a document when organized

% faster growing revenue when using tech