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Ilios Digital Organizing helps entrepreneurs use, organize, and manage their tech. We find the right tech for the right task; allowing you to be more productive, save time, and ultimately, make more money.

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Devices & Software

Are you tired of calling Apple Care or Geek Squad? Has your tech savvy friend quit calling you back? Would you like to find out how to fix the problem yourself? Do you need someone to translate what your computer is trying to tell you?


Software Training Windows, Mac, & Google

Are you using your software to its full advantage? Is there a better software choice? Would you like to try a new app you've heard about, but don't know where to start?


Business & Personal

Are you spending too much time looking for lost emails? Are you re-creating forms you can't find? Wouldn't it be nice to access business documents when you are in the field?


Workflow Management Systems & Processes

Are you losing clients because you can't remember who needs follow up? Would you like to hire an assistant but can't figure out how they would fit in your process? Could a more efficient system get you home on time?

Our Areas of Expertise


Whether you still have Windows XP, Vista (but why would you), 7, 8, 8.1, or you are upgrading to Windows 10 we can assist you with support, training, and customization.


It's a jungle out there and only the adventurous thrive in the IOS world! Panthers, Tigers, Leopards, Lions, and now Mavericks climbing Yosemite. and El Capitan. We will be your guide.

Business Software

From Microsoft Office to Google Docs, from Evernote to Zoho, from Quickbooks to Xero, and beyond we can help you learn, coordinate, and maintain your software tools for many years to come.

Digital Devices

New technology is great, once you understand how to use it and sync it with your existing devices and programs. We can help you coordinate your phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and cloud applications.

Digital Organization

Files, documents, contracts, images, emails, messages, and.... it all starts to pile up and overwhelm. We can help you organize your digital assets for easier access and better time management.

Workflow Management

We can help you discover and implement ways to use technology to streamline, automate, and organize your personal and business tasks. Create systems and processes that will increase productivity and revenue.

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Price Structure

Pricing varies based on scope of work needed.
*Hourly rates also available for Work Sessions*


$030 minutes

  • By Phone
  • Intake Questions
  • Scheduling
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$9060 Minutes

  • On Site or Virtual
  • Determine Priorities
  • Outline Program
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Digital Productivity Program

$250starts at ; per step

  • Tame Your Tech
  • Find Your Flow
  • Organize & Optimize
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