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Having the right tech - and knowing how to use it -

can make the difference between getting by and getting ahead.

Ilios Digital Opportunities

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Digital Productivity

Do you spend too much time on admin?
Have you got an awesome mailing list, but no newsletter?
Are you losing touch with prospective clients?
It sounds like time to talk about Digital Productivity!

Digital Organizing

Does it take you too much time to find the file you want?
Do you have multiple copies of the same document?
Can you see your computer desktop?
If you're in file overload, you've come to the right place!

Personal Productivity Workshops

An individual training session focused on a specific software.
A pre-determined goal with an individualized approach.
The right training at the right time.
Bring a friend for a discount rate!

Tech Time Sessions

Do you need to brainstorm a digital solution?
Would you like help troubleshooting a tech problem?
Get a quick digital checkup?
Sign up for a 30-minute tech time session!

Our Areas of Expertise


Whether you have Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or have upgraded to Windows 10, we can assist you with support, training, and customization.


Each upgrade of the Mac OS brings new technologies, enhanced features, and snappier performance to your Mac. Let us be your guide to the world of Yosemite, El Capitan, and upwards.

Workflow Automation

We can help you discover and implement ways to use technology to streamline, automate, and organize your personal and business tasks. Create systems and processes that will increase productivity and revenue.

Digital Devices

New technology is great, once you understand how to use it and sync it with your existing devices and programs. We can help you coordinate your phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and cloud applications.

How it Works


30 minutes

  • If we haven't talked in person, let's talk by phone
  • Discuss challenges and goals
  • Determine Next Actions



  • In Person or Virtual
  • First session includes reviewing your resources, skills, & knowledge.
  • 1 hr min virtual
    2 hr min on site



  • Support and encouragement
  • Monthly virtual check-in and email support
  • Stay productive between projects
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