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Got Data Issues?

Does it feel like you spend most of your day looking for emails, files, images, and login information? Have you spent a lot of money on organizing apps that cause more issues than solutions? Time is money and if your day is being taken up just looking for things then you could be missing opportunities to grow your business.

Where's the Real Problem?

Many of the organizing data issues that come to us result from an improper, outdated, or nonexistent filing structure. Over time we amass huge amounts of digital files, emails, images, and documents that without an established organizational system become more of a hindrance than an asset.

Our Solution

When addressing digital organizational issues it is important to incorporate your work style, tech knowledge, and current technology tools. In many cases people and organizations compound their issues by trying to implement a one size fits all solution, rather than a solution customized to their needs.

Tech Questions

I can’t find emails when I need them, is there a way to organize my emails?
Why do I have 3 inboxes?
Can you file emails?
Where do saved documents go?
Is there a way to access files and documents from my phone or tablet?
How can I share large files with people outside my organization?
My phone is broken: it just said I have no more room, how is that possible?

Digital Organizing Process

  • First Step: Contact Us
  • Second Step: Detail Issue or Need
  • Third Step: Assess Work Style
  • Fourth Step: Implement Work Solution

Be Tech Ahead

At ilios, we want to make your life easier. You know that feeling when you walk into a freshly cleaned and organized room: it just feels good. Your digital life can feel the same way. We want to take away the tech dread, by simplifying and organizing your digital devices, and personal and business data.

How would you like to take a prospect call and know exactly where to find the information you need to make the sale? Can you really have less email clutter? Why should business stop when you out of the office? Technology is supposed to make it easier to find things and with the right tools it can. We are here to help you turn tech dread into tech ahead.

What people are saying

  • If you need help organizing your computer files, bookmarks, or email, April is your go-to solutions expert! Professional, ethical, trustworthy and knowledgeable, she made the experience easy and fun. I highly recommend her for your IT organizing needs!

    Natasha R.
  • April was a great find and help just when I needed it! I was going crazy with the details of starting my own business. [April] listened to my immediate and long term needs for my business and jumped right in to help me regain my sanity. April was calm when I needed it and excited and energized when I was down. It was a great help to have someone detail oriented to work with me.

    Kim D.
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