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Bring Your Own Device Workshops (BYOD)

Are you tired of waiting for your computer to perform, wasting time you could be spending on revenue producing activities?
Do you keep getting suspicious pop-ups claiming they can fix the problem?
Will your computer freeze if you try to do more than one thing at a time?

Join us to learn more about why your computer or other digital device is running slow, and how to speed up and get back to business.
Learning Level: Intro

Are you using email to stay in touch with your clients?
Do you want a newsletter but don't know where to start?
Do you have a lot of great ideas, but no way to share them?
MailChimp might be your answer!

Join us to learn more about how MailChimp works; walk away with a newsletter template you create.
Learning Level: Intro

Have you misplaced the number of that strategic partner you wanted to have coffee with?
What if you lost your phone - and all the business contacts in it?
Do you have years worth of networking contacts scattered between your computer, phone, tablet, and paper?

Join us to learn how to manage your contacts regardless of the device you use.
Learning Level: Intro

Are you social media posts lacking that special something?
Do people bypass your blog posts because all you have are words?
Did you know that the average person gets distracted in 8 seconds and 81% of people only skim the content they read online?

Join us to learn what makes a good social media image, how to find the images you want, and which images make the greatest impact.
Learning Level: Intro

Are you busy with admin instead of revenue generation?
Does adding a new client mean data entry in multiple programs?
Would you rather doing anything other than track your time?

Join us to learn how apps like Zapier, Gmail, and more can automate your processes to save you time and money!
Learning Level: Intro

Are you living in fear of your computer acting up?
Do you worry that you'll end up spending all day on the phone with tech support?
Or worse, be unable to work because you don't have your equipment?

Join us to learn about common problems, first questions to ask, and when to call in help.
Learning Level: Intro

Tech Talks

Is your business limited by your reach?
Would you like the ability to work virtually with clients and make that personal connection with your strategic partners?
Have you tried online meeting software but can't find the best choice?

Joins us to learn about how online communication can grow your business.

How much money would you lose if your computer was hacked?
How much time would you waste getting everything back to 'normal' again?
Do you know how to respond when someone says 'I have your information hostage; pay me for it'?

Join us to learn how to protect yourself, and how to respond if you get hacked anyway.

Are you ready to upgrade your computer but have no idea what all those technical words mean and if more money really is the answer?
Did you buy the expensive gold cables because the salesman told you so, but you're not sure he was right?
Does your brain freeze in panic when you ask about something technical?

Join us to learn the basics of your digital device, and what questions to ask when something goes wrong.

Are you storing your business documents in 'the Cloud'? Do you know where the Cloud actually exists?
Have you heard about the security risks of cloud storage, and aren't sure you're ready for that?

Join us to learn more about how the Cloud works and how you can use it to collaborate and share with clients and strategic partners.

Are you ready to schedule a client when they are ready to schedule - even in the middle of the night or at the grocery store?
Do you miss out on clients because your company isn't there when they need you?
Are you spending time and wasting money scheduling clients on your own instead of outsourcing?

Join us to learn about online scheduling software, accessing your calendar anywhere, how to keep everything synced and more