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Personal Productivity Boot Camp

The right tech at the right time

Have you been wanting to learn more about programs, like Evernote, G Suite, or Zapier? What about MailChimp?
Then our bootcamp is for you!
This is a series of individualized, laser focused training sessions, where you can learn exactly what you need to know.

So, how does it work?
Simply pick the sessions you need to succeed!
Each Boot Camp Session ranges between 1 and 2 hours in length.
Sessions are held at Hera Hub Co-Working Spaces in San Diego.
Boot Camp Packages are available for 1, 2, or 3 courses!

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Get Your Newsletter Created

Are you ready to send a newsletter or other mailing to your contacts, but don't have it put together yet?
Together we will set up MailChimp, create a template, and begin your first mailing.
Session Requirements:
MailChimp Account
Contacts List

Get Your Newsletter Seen

Have you finished your newsletter and are ready to send it out?
Together we will refine your mailing list, fine tune your signup forms, discuss segmentation, and schedule your campaign.
Session Requirements:
MailChimp Account
Finished newsletter/mailing
Contact list created in MailChimp

Empty Your Inbox

Is your inbox full of more email than you have time to read?
Together we will review best practices for email management, create folders and filters, delete email, discuss Inbox Zero and reaching it.
Session Requirements:
Email Account
*This session focuses on one email account only, secondary email accounts may be addressed if time allows.

Streamline Your Conversations

Are you spending more time talking and less time doing?
Together we will automate your email with integrated and third party software, review online scheduling apps, and create templates for quicker responses.
Session Requirements
Email account

Organize Your Thoughts

Are you using Evernote but know you could be more efficient?
Together we will organize your Evernote with folders and tags, create shortcuts, and discuss import options.
Session Requirements
Evernote Account
20+ notes created in Evernote

Set Up Your CRM

Are you ready to use your CRM but don't know how to get started?
Together we will review your workflow, determine appropriate settings for you and your business, and start importing your contacts.
Session Requirements

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